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Our windows are all is our sales team
"Big-company feel"

Top 3 Reasons Sales Professionals Say They Would Leave a Job :

  1. Salary and compensation
  2. Opportunities for growth/development
  3. Company Culture

Top 3 Reasons Sales Professionals Say They Love Working at Renewal by Andersen:
  1. Salary and compensation
  2. Opportunities for growth/development
  3. Company Culture
No coincidence there! Renewal by Andersen of Greater Maine is the start-to-finish custom replacement window division of Andersen Corporation-our products are unique, and we believe our job opportunities should be as well.

Sure, maybe you have an extensive sales background, but maybe you're a former teacher or a military veteran. Maybe you're someone who has a love of design or an interest in architecture and construction. Or, maybe you're just a people-person who loves helping folks find solutions to their problems. Our sales team brings a lot of different skill sets to the table, but the one thing every one of them has is the desire to be a part of a highly energized team that thrives on success and excellent customer experiences.

Why We're Different

Lead Generation

"The job focuses on some top-of-mind concerns salespeople naturally have: pre-set appointments! I love the fact that the leads were provided and there was no cold calling or having to find our own leads. Very attractive."

Unlike other sales opportunities, Renewal by Andersen utilizes traditional and non-traditional marketing to provide our sales representatives with leads. This means NO COLD CALLING. Your leads are pre-set and pre-qualified.

Compensation & Benefits

"Love the opportunity to make great money. Attractive income potential and full benefits...[along with] promotion possibility. It's not just enticing, it's true!"

Pay for performance is a salesperson's greatest compensation motivator! Our compensation plans rewards solid performance with a strong commission rate and the opportunity for performance bonuses. With this pay structure our sales consultants earn $90,000- $150,000 in annual income. In addition, we offer a slate of employee benefits including health, dental, vision, life, 401k, and more!

Learning & Development

"Someone with zero in-home sales or outside-sales experience can do very well (I'm a perfect example)! The learning and development...the training, team atmosphere, sales management culture...are great "

We encourage collaboration amongst the sales team, growth within the role, and innovation as an organization.

We offer eight weeks of paid training to ensure your success. The first four weeks are spent in the classroom learning our extensive product and proven sales methodology along with running appointments in the field. Our Sales Training Managers and Sales Managers will be by your side coaching you to build the skills and confidence you want in order to get the results you strive for!

Company Culture

"I wanted to work with a company that had a reputation for quality and trust. The culture, the people-first mentality, giving back opportunities, creating your own schedule, and work-life balance...[we get] big-company support with a family-run-business feel."

Renewal's culture is vastly different from other companies. We promote our employee's happiness in all areas of their lives. We know that happiness and positivity drive business results and we are dedicated to making sure your wellness comes first.

Will It Blend?

Do you have:

  • A strong sense of accountability
  • Ambition and discipline
  • Above-average willpower and determination; self-discipline is a key
  • A healthy sense of competition-tempered by an equally strong sense of teamwork
  • Empathy and creativity
  • The ability to not take "no" personally
Then we have:
  • Flexible scheduling
  • PAID training-and ongoing professional development opportunities.
  • Target-rich environment with well-qualified leads and NO cold calls.
  • A chance to help people transform their homes and their lives

Renewal by Andersen Values

Each employee is responsible for upholding these values in their daily activities.

Homeowner Focused: We are committed to understanding our homeowner customer's real needs and expectations and exceeding them. We recognize that a delighted customer is our best recommendation for future business.

Safety: We are committed to the safety and well being of the people who come into contact with our products.

Excellence: We set the highest standards for our professional performance, our products, and service. We are committed to continuous quality improvement in all that we do.

Integrity: We are committed to working fairly and honestly with all those with whom we come in contact.

Innovation: Our motto "different and better" connotes innovation, aesthetic and economic value... going beyond the expected into the surprising.

Teamwork: We foster an environment where individual skills and talents are recognized and encouraged to thrive in a cooperative team environment.

Individual Dignity: We believe that respect for each other's cultures, point of view and professional business styles significantly contributes to our business goals.

Citizenship: We believe that we have a direct and compelling responsibility to our communities to conduct our business ethically, to engage in responsible stewardship of the environment, and to concern ourselves with the welfare of the people in the communities in which we work.

Andersen "Code of Business Conduct"
Each employee is responsible for adhering to the Andersen Code of Business Conduct.